Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New pics (Dreamteam Cypher)

YC Flame at the 2nd Dreamteam Cypher

In this pic : Shawn Bandz (Middle) YC Flame (Left) Jdollaz (beside YC Flame) Lamonte (Blue shirt next to Jdollaz) YFiness (Right)
 In this pic: YoungMech (Front) Shawn Bandz (Left) Yung Finess (Right)
In this pic : Lamonte (Front) Shawn Bandz (left) YoungMech (Right) YC Flame (Back Left) Jdollaz (Back Left nex to YC Flame) Yung Finess (Behind Lamonte)

In this pic : Lamonte (Front Blue shirt) Jdollaz (Front Left of Lamonte ) YC Flame (Behind lamonte and Jdollaz) YoungMech (Right) ShawnBandz (Right)

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